As part of The Foschini Group (TFG), Sportscene is the leader in sneakerware and trendy sports apparel in South Africa.

TDC&Co developed the design for the flagship store with the purpose of creating a truly unique shopping experience and lifestyle destination. The Sportscene customer is young, on trend and loves street- and hip-hop culture, so we designed a store that brings that to life in a mall environment.

From the recessed entrance that reminds of an inner-city bridge, to the recording studio, tattoo parlour, conveyor belt, sneaker laundry and basketball court, this store creates a unique experience for both seasoned Sportscene shoppers and curious new ones alike. Graffiti by famous street artist Damn Vandal adds an authentic layer of colour to columns and walls throughout the store. The recessed entrance with floor-to-ceiling media screen and 100sqm of landing space, allow different brands to host activations without imposing on the store.

Playing with industrial finishes, the space boasts raw concrete, steel, galvanized roof sheeting, and OSB (oriented strand board) that are untreated and remain true to their innate qualities.


  • Interior Design
  • Site Documentation

Seating areas and chill-out zones provide respite from the vibrant store, while the basketball court with adjacent pavilion give customers the opportunity to shoot a few hoops with friends.

Various international and local brands proudly showcase their goods on the universal fixtures, or within customised pods also designed by TDC&Co. In support of local businesses, Sportscene has invited 2 independent vendors to trade from within the store: Walk Fresh provides sneaker revival services, and Black & White offers piercing and tattoos to shoppers.

The unique shipping container fitting rooms with a professional recording studio housed in the mezzanine floor above allows local artists to come in for recording sessions as well as DJ’s to provide some cool vibes to the store.

The store further boasts more than 30 LED screens, showcasing promotions and influencers.