As Donna Claire turned 21, the brand was set for a face lift. The “now familiar” name evolved into a new look to suit a more present personality of the brand.  Donna was established, a more communicative personality than ever before with her verbal consumer base.

Customer interactivity and visibility influenced the design elements in the fitting rooms, resulting in the semi-translucent timber screens to divide two different areas without any obstruction. In ideal locations within the store, balance and volume is created by painting the industrial open ceilings a light tint to form a light void space.

The dark gloss floor and ample lighting bounce reflective light quality through the space, adding aspirational value of the consumer’s experience.

A curved timber baton wall partially screen off the fitting rooms that open to the floor, creating visiblilty yet an interactive experience to the customer, with fitting rooms that are ample in scale and quality lighting, to ensure your decision to purchase is made in a calm and comfortable environment.

The focals create a rhythm along the perimeter wall, allowing for coordinated product housing with the tiered plinths below.

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