"A Fresh-X concept, but with a premium touch”.

This is the brief TDC&Co. received from the client for the Sandton store revamp.

The design intent of the project was to create a high-end store that denotes exclusivity and variety with mood and ambiance. Each department within the store has a strong identity to resonate with high-end urban markets, enticing all the senses. Emphasis was placed on a dynamic interactive and tangible customer experience, by creating greater site lines for easier navigation, having pause areas for them to linger, showcasing all the fresh offerings in a convenient setting and highlighting collaboration with local suppliers.

TDC&Co. achieved the design intent by positioning the general merchandise to the left-hand side of the store and clustering all the experiential service offerings to the right-hand side, as the shopper enters the store. The use of orange and grey vinyl flooring demarcates the split between groceries and fresh offerings. Allowing for wider aisles encourages the shopper to linger and makes for a more comfortable in-store experience and better showcases the product. Each service node has its own distinct identity enhanced using tactile finishes that reflect the offering. The design introduced designated seating areas at sushi and tapas, café and wine tasting area for the customer to enjoy the convenience items on offer. Finishes were selected that are associated with high-end projects such as, solid ash timber, natural stones (marble and granite) and a variety of metals (brass, phosphate treated steel and powdercoated steel).

The new departments and offerings introduced to the project were the sushi & tapas bar, chocolatier, florist, coffee roaster, demonstration kitchen and Kauai salad and smoothie bar.

The existing service departments were also enhanced to entice a higher end market consumer. The wine department included a cheese and wine pairing area; TechX where all electronic goods are merchandised and displayed; the hot delicatessen introduced a freestanding pizza oven and ‘Rodizio’ Brazilian rotisserie grill; the butchery has a dry-aging and wet-aging cabinet with an artisanal butcher in-store for specialised cuts of meat; toy area where a large variety of toys and games are showcased and a designated express checkout counter for a convenient quick shopping experience.