The sports arena, in all its facets, was used as the design inspiration, with the lines on a court, the track of a field, the levels of a podium.

The notion of a ‘warehouse’ was also considered, playing with elements such as corrugation, concrete and skylights. Together these two sources of inspiration became an exciting blend from which to start drawing.

The running track still features as the drive aisle through the store, but we simplified it to a subtle and sophisticated light timber finish.

The façade is clad with a modern interpretation of corrugation, leaving reveals for mannequin displays, and enticing the customer to take a further look inside. This corrugation becomes a thread throughout the store, as a subtle nod to the warehouse origin.

Slatted timber features strongly as a backdrop to product displays and seating. In addition, perforated steel also becomes a strong design element, further contributing to the sporty, hardwearing look.

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