Refinery Brand was development for the Pepkor group, and is aimed at targeting the 18-35-year-old market by offering curated, considered, understated and authentic fashion in a calm, neutral store environment.

By utilising recognisable and relatable elements and finishes, a neutral backdrop is created, resulting in a space where the product is hero.

Neutral tones are juxtaposed against a strong denim offering, accentuated by focussed and considered lighting.

Materials left in their natural unfinished state echo the brand ethos while the subtle use of bold colours creates a strong brand identity.

The brand makes a bold statement of calmness and “less is more” in an over-cluttered market space. By considering the power of everyday moments and simple truths expressed through the brand language, a holistic, honest brand experience and offering is provided in a quiet yet confident way.

  • Brand Design
  • Interior Design
  • Site Documentation
  • Procurement
  • Project & Financial Management