The main objective for TDC&Co. is to really unpack the current store format, challenge the status quo, and develop fresh approach to large format store experience. We had to understand that Checkers Hyper is a large format store franchise (± 6000m2 - 12000m2), offering a full range of grocery, full service butcher, baker, fishery, deli, cheese and café, as well as an in-store pharmacy, liquor store and a wide range of general merchandise.

Each department reflect a separate shop in shop, so the Butchery is actually an independent Butcher and the bakery an independent baker and so on. And therefore each department has a slightly different look to it with different finishes, giving you a different experience as you walk through the store.

Large oversized signage for all primary departments live up to the Checkers Hyper slogan – Bigger and Better, and therefore becomes the overall theme of the store. Wherever we wanted to create a focal it would be BIGGER and better.

Keeping in mind that each departments is going to be slightly different from each other to create the feel of separate shop in shops, we started looking at different finishes. At the time of developing the design, copper had just started being very on trend and therefore wanted to use this as a finish.

The different stages of aging copper contributes to the varying finishes and tones, along with varying timber finishes we have taken across the store.
One of the key design elements is the frame structure that sits at each service department. By introducing this element , it allows us a framework for our signage and visual language to sit within.

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